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10 Things Your Office Should Do on a (Freaky) Friday

Ahh, Friday. It’s been a long work week, and you’ve only got one day left. It’s easy to get laser focused on seemingly endless to-do lists and inbox notifications, but also it’s important to take a break every once in awhile. By spending more time together outside of workplace scenarios, your team will have better communication and appreciation for each other. At Raidious, this is part of our culture. We live and breathe it, and we’re a stronger team because of it.

Plan a fun Friday event in your office, or even better, make it impromptu! Here’s our list of top 10 things to do on a Friday.

1) Have meetings in a new environment


Raise your hand if meetings are your favorite activity. Didn’t think so. Shake it up! Whether it’s sitting on the floor, or walking to a local brewery, a  simple change in scenery may be just what your team needs to get some creative juices flowing.

2) Host a build-your-own-something team lunch!


Instead of just ordering a platter from the go-to sandwich place, host a build-your-own-lunch party! This idea works well for tacos, personal pizzas, or as we chose, grilled cheese. It’s fun to see crazy, yet delicious flavor combinations your coworkers can dream up.

3) Host a cook off!


Upgrade your lunch plans by throwing a cook off! You would be shocked at some of the smack talk that comes out once you throw some healthy competition in the mix. Turns out a year of bragging rights can be a pretty good motivator.

4) Play with technology! 

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“But we aren’t a tech-based company.” It’s 2016. Every company is, in some way, a tech-based company. Experiment with new Snapchat filters, play with VR, or finally download that cool new app you’ve been meaning to try.

5)  Get active!


After a long week, it might be good to release some endorphins. It’s okay to get a little sweaty at work – that’s why they invented deodorant. If the weather’s nice, take a team walk around the neighborhood, find a local court to shoot some hoops, or even throw down some yoga!

6) Indulge a little!


It’s important to be active, but also… ice cream. Life is about balance, guys. It’s Friday, so Treat Yo Self!

7) Plan a team field trip!


Take in an afternoon game at Victory Field, explore 100 Acres at the IMA, or even spend the day acting like kids at the Children’s Museum! It may take extra planning, but it’s worth it to spend a few fun hours out of the office with your coworkers.

8) Get creative!


Whip out the adult coloring books you all got for Christmas, host a painting party, or have a creative brainstorm party at a brewery. Friday is the best day to let your creative genius shine! And, as we all know, creative genius tends to show itself most with a beer in hand so…

9) Beer me! 

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Grabbing a case of beer at lunch for the team is the new bringing doughnuts for breakfast. Slowly sipping your favorite brew at your desk after a long week might be one of the best Friday feelings in the world. Pro tip: Can’t leave the office? Beer delivery exists. You’re welcome.

10) Puppies! 

Productivity is clearly not happening today. #officedogs #osithebernie #friarbearbmd #raidiousdogs

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Oh man, did we save the best for last. At Raidious, we’re big fans of office dogs, on Fridays and every day. (Check out #RaidiousDogs on Instagram.) No matter how stressful your week has been, there is no way seeing a little ball of fluff in the office can’t make it better!

Because, Fridays are hard.