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Customer Twitter Following Trends

People follow brands to receive exclusivity, promotions, and be "in the know"

Social Media is still growing, and if you are a marketer that has drug your feet getting online, you should wait no longer. With the holiday season coming up, you have more users then ever going online to figure out what they want to buy their loved ones this holiday season. Whether it is inspiration for that 5:00 am brick and mortar trip the day after Thanksgiving, or the consumer that is planning on buying everything online; you have an opportunity to really impact consumer buying habits with social media this holiday season.

According to the study, 10 Quick Facts You Should Know About Consumer Behavior on Twitter, released by Chadwick Martin Bailey in October 2011, 6 in 10 Twitter followers are existing customers. While being an existing customer is the top reason (64%), the other reasons are extremely telling on the consumer’s intentions when following a brand. Other top reasons were to be the first to know info about the brand (61%), to receive discounts and promotions (48%) and gain access to exclusive content (36%). This information is giving brands more fire power then ever going into the holiday season.

Twitter users are frequent online users overall; 50% go online more than once an hour

The study also points out that the majority of users (79%) follow fewer than 10 brands and 36% only follow one or two brands. Also, 50% of Twitter users and 34% of Facebook users visit those sites more than once an hour; not to mention that 75% of Twitter followers have never unfollowed a brand. This creates a great combination for marketers on social because the majority of your audience only follows a handful of brands (and you are one of them!), they get online a lot and they are loyal. It is a marketing trifecta!


So how do you capitalize? Here are 4 tips to help get your brand in front of more eyeballs this holiday season.

  1. Release Deals to Social Media Networks: Advertisers spend a lot of money on ads, weekly inserts in the Sunday paper, and direct mail during the holiday season. By putting this information online, you enhance your offline efforts and give your audience an opportunity to share the information with their friends and followers; it’s additional advertising at no cost.
  2. Don’t Just Push. Interact: 33% of brand followers on Twitter are interacting with brands more this year than last year. You will deepen brand loyalty with users if you let them know you are listening and not just publishing.
  3. Tweet Frequently (if you have the content to support it): With so much going on in the Twitter-sphere, you need to stay in front of your audience. By no means do I recommend Tweeting for Tweet sake, but if you have enough relevant content to jabber about, get your tweet on. Some ideas on what you can share with your audience are deals, promotions, trivia, relevant holiday tips, company news and relevant industry or company retweets. With 50% of users going back to Twitter more than once an hour, you are primed to get maximum exposure to your audience this holiday season. Be cautious of audience burn. If your audience is starting to unfollow your brand, then you may be posting too many non-relevant things to Twitter. Also, don’t post as much to Facebook as you would to Twitter.
  4. Run Social Only Promotions: Make your audience feels like they have an inside track for following you this holiday season. Your users will check back to see what you have to offer next. This keeps you top of mind for the deal seeking crowd.
Whether your shoppers enjoy a trip to the store or shopping from the comfort of their home, marketers are perfectly poised to find success online this holiday season. If you don’t have Facebook and Twitter accounts for your brand, start them today. If you have one but don’t do anything with it, stop doing nothing. The Social Media landscape is an ever changing world. Most of the time there is no right or wrong answer, but being in the game is better then never playing ball.


What are your social media strategies for this holiday season? Did I leave any tips out that you are planning on implementing?

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