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content production for google wave Raidious is a content company. We deal with content production. We specifically chose this approach because of situations like what we’re seeing with Google Wave.

Is it going to change everything – again? I think it will – and it won’t be the last time, either. Technology will continue to march forward and evolve. Whether it’s from Myspace to Facebook, Facebook to Twitter, Twitter to Google Wave – there is always a new-new thing.

Check out this video explaining Google Wave:

Yes, it is going to change the way many of us communicate – but to a content company, none of this really matters. We’re structured to be completely agnostic to the technology that evolves around us. No matter what your social media agency says, or what the digital marketing agencies say, or Digital PR firms, or the other constantly evolving marketing firms say – no matter what the digital platform is, none of this stuff works without content.

If your digital strategy is all about the next big thing in evolving technology, you might want to consider what you’re going to do with it – how will you make, manage, monitor, moderate and measure these new platforms?

Our content development process is built to be agile and flexible, and goes well beyond just blog writing services. Raidious is about content production that moves the needle and results in ever-increasing ROI across all of your digital platforms – not just blog management.

Without a solid content strategy, Google Wave is meaningless to marketers. However, with a team of digital content producers, our content company can leverage new technology to drive sales for your company- no matter how it evolves.

We’d be happy to help with your content development process. We make custom content for social network marketing, web video, we offer blog writing services, email marketing management, mobile device marketing, and more.