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Making Content For Mobile

Are You Creating Content with Mobile in Mind?

All good content and social strategy starts with understanding who your audience is, and where and how they consume content. One thing we know for sure is that just about every audience is moving more and more to mobile consumption.

90% of American adults have smartphones, and in 2014, texting/SMS became the most frequent phone-based activity of users. Text open rates are over 99% and 90% of text are reviewed within first three minutes of receipt. Seriously, if you aren’t creating your content with mobile consumption in mind, you’re doing it wrong.

55% of mobile traffic in 2014 stemmed from video consumption, so adding short form, web-style video to your digital content strategy is a must.

Some more tips for mobile content creation:

  • Write headlines that grab a reader’s attention.
  • Get to the point, quickly and efficiently – If it’s not absolutely essential to the point that you’re making on that page, consider a link to a secondary screen.
    • Create short-form content that links to long-form content.
  • Think about a layout that integrates clickable or tappable elements that make calls to action easy to take.
  • Use big fonts that are easy to read.
  • Pages should include lots of visual elements – graphics and videos – wherever possible.
  • Use colors that pop
  • Create text layouts that are clean and streamlined when you’re dealing with written content.

Get more tips from Jayson DeMers in his article 10 Steps To Creating A Mobile-Optimized Content Marketing Strategy on Forbes.

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