Lead Scoring Basics

by Lauren Littlefield In today’s digital world, scoring prospects is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Lead scoring not only provides marketers with... Read More

Does Size Matter?

Drunk Uncle adequately described the pace of life these days this past weekend: “Everything happens so fast now, Seth. One second it’s Halloweeeeeen. The next... Read More

Test Post

via GIPHY Give Larry a break, ok? He’s been here for a like a week. We’ll get his sexy work on the blog before you... Read More

Owned Media ROI

As marketing folks, we hear the same question from the top down again and again: What is our return on investment for this marketing initiative?... Read More

Meet Larry

With all of this “Pacers, NBA Playoffs, Atlanta, New York, Miami, Eastern Conference Finals, #BlueCollarGoldSwagger, #BeatTheHeat” Twitter chatter, are you experiencing déjà vu? Does the... Read More

Is Your Content Content?

What is the balance between creativity and data when making branded content? And what exactly constitutes your content? Wired Magazine recently published a profile of photographer Platon,... Read More

Welcome to the New!

Thanks for visiting our new site - we have spent the last few weeks on a redesign, courtesy of our very own Brian Conradt. We changed things up a bit from our old site, because a lot of our users were telling us they had visited the site, but still were not sure exactly what we did (we're a content company).

Gratitude: Tuitive – User Centered Design / UI/UX testing & research

If you have not had the opportunity to meet Jon, and you have a user interface project coming up, call him. After 20 minutes listening to Jon talk about user centered design, you will never see web design the same way again. If there is a whiteboard in the room, your experience will be even better. Jon, Amanda, and the Tuitive team are incredibly good at what they do, and we are incredibly proud to be working with them.


We are taking time in the days prior to Thanksgiving to express our gratitude and, well, thankfulness, to some of the folks who have contributed to our success in the last year.

The Four Agreements Your Business Needs to Make

We have learned business behaviors because that’s “just the way it’s done,” but that doesn’t make those behaviors right. With that in mind, here are the four agreements your business needs to make with itself and with its customers.

Owned Media, Objective Driven Marketing, and Direct vs Brand Mindsets

ot a great email from eMarketer this morning on one of our favorite topics: Blending Paid, Owned and Earned Media for Branding from eMarketer. It does a really good job of explaining the difference between earned media (what ad agencies do), paid media (what PR firms do) and owned media (what Raidious does). I wrote a post on this last year as well, and Forrester Research has covered the subject as well.

What is Foursquare? Where Is It Going?

So you are now all set up on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Awesome! Now there is a new network joining the mix, and it has quickly become one of the big ones: Foursquare. What is it? Where is going?

Raidious in Seattle

Last week we had the opportunity to travel to Seattle, WA, to work on a video project for the Finish Line Youth Foundation. We visited Camp Eyabsut ("to rise above anything"), a week-long camp for burn victims between the ages of five and 17 sponsored by the Northwest Burn Foundation. We also spent a day at Neighborhood Bike Works before returning to Indianapolis to talk with folks at Windsor Village Park.

Raidious First Anniversary Party with Video

This past Saturday, June 26, we at Raidious celebrated our first anniversary as a company. The folks at Hirons & Associates were kind enough to donate their suite at Victory Field so we could enjoy food, drinks, and some fine baseball.

Attention Advertisers: Facebook Is Not for You

Facebook wasn’t build for brands to use as their personal playground. It was created, much as the internet as a whole, as a tool for communication and collaboration. After beta testing on Jeff Zuckerberg carried his Utopian dreams of sharing everything, all the time, to the masses when he opened the castle walls to allow anyone to join.

Social Media Case Study – Vans Warped Tour

What happens when Raidious sends a Content Producer out on the road with a band from the Vans Warped Tour? Hijinks ensue. And, website statistics get blown through the roof. Join us on tour with The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band!

Old Spice Loves Me, They Said So

Back in the basement computer labs when we got our first taste of Mosaic, we knew the game was officially on. We knew that if you put it out there, it was really out there for anybody to read, forever and forever.

Raidious at Indiana Chamber Of Commerce: The New Normal

My topic today was the "how" behind social media. I went over several different tools, including one of our favorites at Raidious, Radian6. When I got back to my office, I found an email from Radian6 talking about their new product launch which was very exciting, and which I wrote about over on You should check it out - game changer for large enterprise.

Are You Marketing or Communicating?

A truly effective media strategy bridges all of these verticals to create not only a clear, consistent online presence for your brand but also a carefully planned and executed communications plan. A truly effective media strategy bridges all of these verticals to create not only a clear, consistent online presence for your brand but also a carefully executed communications plan.

A Great Web Publishing Platform Is Nothing Without Great Content

Wordpress, like any other blogging software or content management system, is nothing without humans creating content to fill it, and engaging with the site's audience.Wordpress, like any other blogging software or content management system, is nothing without humans creating content to fill it, and engaging with the site's audience.

Still Looking for a Job? Think Technology in 2010.

If you are a marketer or product specialist still searching for gainful employment, I would encourage you to switch your thinking to a digital mindset. This industry can be intimidating, but in my opinion it is the industry with the best growth potential and promise.

Where do Social Media Budgets Come From?

eMarketer says there was a 23% increase in social media spending excluding paid advertising, which is a great sign for a company like ours. What's even better is they are projecting an additional 35% for this year.

“I Wanted to Change the World”

Will the world take notice? Will the world care? Will two guys who ran an indexing server in their Stanford dorm rooms suddenly find themselves emissaries of political and human rights reform?

Pepsi Drops the Bomb, the Other Shoe, and the Super Bowl

What about those 95.4 million viewers last year who are eagerly awaiting your next creative entry in the canon of ads that are often better than the game? That’s all well and good, but they’re joining the ranks of companies like Ford in shifting marketing funding to online channels.

Owned Media update: Official Research from Forrester

Back in September, I wrote this post regarding the definitions of Paid Media (what Ad Agencies do), Earned Media(what PR firms do) and Owned Media (what Raidious does). Recently found this article from Forrester Research, apparently they've been looking into this. Good information!

Tuitive on Content

Tuitive – in my opinion, the smartest UI/UX firm anywhere – has a great post on their blog about website content from Amanda King. Full disclosure –... Read More

Realtime Communication vs. Public Safety

As often happens, the public moved faster than the corporation. People expected the official digital channel of Eurostar to become a means for transmitting emergency information, and screamed when it didn’t happen.

Are We Writing for Robots?

Let’s face it: we’re all trying to find ways to game the search system. We naturally want people to find us and our products via search. But by churning out blog posts loaded with keywords, are we just spinning our wheels?

Do Fries Come With That Content?

McDonaldization. Starbucksification. WalMartasticizing. Whatever you want to call it, the mass production of homogenous web content with the single aim of moving units/conversions is the hot-button issue of today.

Raidious New York Office Assistant

We'd like to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to welcome our first official staff hire. Meet George "Notorious P.U.G." Benson, Office Assistant in the Raidious New York office.

Who Owns Your Social Media Content? Does It Matter?

One of the more often-heard keywords regarding social media use by companies is ownership: “Who owns the conversation?” “Are you owning the conversation about your brand?” There are actually two distinct implications to content ownership: reputation management and risk management.

Earned Media vs. Paid Media vs. Owned Media

In the past, there were basically two approaches to marketing services: earned media (PR) and paid media (advertising). More recently we've seen the rise of owned media. What's the difference? It's mostly about Control.

Social Media’s Role In Customer Service

Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and other social media and crowdsourcing sites are useful as more than simply avenues for promoting business. One major means of fostering brand loyalty and garnering new business is customer service. This is a lesson heard loud and clear by the best-of-breed.

Broadcast vs. Engagement research, and pick-pockets as media

You'll notice in the research methodology, the test is not actually about broadcast media, it's about a broadcast approach to social media versus an engagement approach. This is where many online marketers stub their toes. Lots of folks tend to take a broadcast approach to a medium that is clearly built for engagement. This is like direct mailing 20,000 people the same CD with the same :30 radio spot on it. Why would you do that?

We Do.

We’ve noticed a plethora of social media consultants popping up all over the web, and we love it. We think most marketers could use a... Read More

9 things we’ve learned about digital content development

We've spent the last few years paying close attention to digital marketing - reading scads of research and opinion on marketing operations, client needs, trends in ad budget allocations, technology, consumer behavior, SEO, emerging media, and lots of other related subjects. We've also been a part of a lot of digital copywriting initiatives over the last decade and a half or so. We've experimented, we've analyzed, and we've generally thought digital marketing to death. Here's a few things we've learned that we're fairly certain about. We reserve the right to change our opinion on some of this, but we think these statements qualify as absolute truisms, based on what we've learned.

What’s a digital content services company?

To build a company that could actually serve the content needs of modern marketing, we had to completely rethink how marketing services is approached - particularly in regards to staffing, and the way digital marketing has been attacked in the past operationally.