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The Case For Brands On Pinterest

Pinterest on tabletWhat’s included in your brand’s marketing strategy? Is Pinterest a part of it?

Everyone has a story to tell, and Pinterest is a great way to engage your audience through social media. Today, everything is about being visual, and Pinterest offers an excellent platform to share your brand with others.

Pinterest has been around for over four years and now has more than 70 million users. If you’ve been unsure if Pinterest was a good fit for your brand, consider the number of active users and “think again.”

Let’s get started and determine what steps you should take to begin using Pinterest for your business.
First, inform your audience that you are on Pinterest. Make your website Pinterest friendly by adding the social icon to your welcome page, all blog posts, etc.

Next, determine which boards you will need to create. Approach will vary for each business. For example, if your business is retail, it would be smart to add “DIY” (Do-it-yourself) and holiday boards since these are two hot topics on Pinterest. Lowe’s is very effective using this feature. On the other hand, if you are an agency like Raidious, create boards that your business promotes and takes pride in. Our boards are centered around Owned Media, Real-Time Marketing, Brand Newsrooms and Our Designs.

Last, let’s talk about pins. If you want your pins to be accessed, you should use specific keywords that  your audience is likely to be looking for. This strategy not only will get your pins and boards found, but will also increase the number of followers. Utilizing specific keywords are very effective when posting recipes on Pinterest. If your pin links to Spinach Artichoke Dip, you’ll want to be sure to include those words. If you want to make it even more specific, you could add other words such as low-fat, crockpot, etc.

Pinterest can also be used for conducting contests. It’s a great way to increase your followers, website traffic and potential leads. Additionally, you can cross promote your Pinterest content on other owned media channels. If you plan on creating a Pinterest contest, you’ll first need to review Pinterest’s brand guidelines, which includes contest do’s and don’ts. The guidelines are very specific, so it’s important to read them carefully and use them properly. For example, it is no longer permissible to pick a winner by random. Nor can the contest be named “Pin it to win it.” This restriction isn’t such a bad thing … it will just require you to be more creative when setting up and naming the contest. The more creative the contest, the more likely your brand will attract followers. If you want to keep track of your pins, be sure to utilize the analytics feature to determine what is working/not working for your brand.

Now that you are aware of the tremendous benefits in using Pinterest, what’s the hold up? Let’s get started and broaden your brand.