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Celebrating Five Years at Raidious Control

Early February conjures an image of a very busy Raidious office. Five years ago, Raidious Control was the site of the first-ever Social Media Command Center for the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee. The week of the Super Bowl has much of the Raidious team feeling nostalgic (especially this week), and thinking about the path that we walked over the past five years.

Early 2012 was comprised of long, caffeine-fueled days spent by Raidious staff and interns from local universities, transforming our 2,800 square footprint into an unprecedented communications hub.

This February is bittersweet, as we’ve outgrown Raidious Control in the Morrison Opera Building twice now. This month we say goodbye to 47 S. Meridian and relocate to our new digs in the very hip Fletcher Place neighborhood – just southeast of downtown Indy.

Putting Raidious On The Digital Map

The 2012 command center set the stage for real-time marketing’s coming out party. Oreo’s “Dunk in the Dark” moment at the 2013 Super Bowl caught the attention of brand marketers everywhere. In the meantime, Raidious made a splash in the nationwide press, allowing us the opportunity work with Fortune Brands like WalMart, Finish Line, Bass Pro Shops, and the Department of Defense, among many other notables.

In the few years that followed, we made a name for ourselves in the business of remarkable content and grew and maintained relationships with some of the most recognizable brands on the planet.

Changing Winds and Social Networks

2014 began ushering in a new age of importance for remarkable content. Investors in social networks demanded profitable business models from the now behemoth Facebooks and Twitters of the world. Social networks responded by limiting the organic reach of brands to reach their organic audiences.

What resulted was an ever increasing importance in digital media distribution. Raidious transformed from a production shop to bring a more traditional digital agency offering. That shift meant that we could continue to produce amazing content for our clients, and continue to grow their relevance in the new reality of social networks.

2014 also marked the year when we outgrew the original Raidious control, and knocked down a few walls to make room for new staff and new clients.


(No Raidious Account Managers were harmed during the making of this video)

The Role of Technology in the Agency

In 2015, we launched Rundown, a technology purpose-built to manage the complexities of content teams and agency life. We recognized that our clients can’t afford to waste time on the complexities of their account relationship, so we built a technology to streamline our own internal operations. Part project management, part digital publishing and analytics suite, Rundown has shown our level of investment and leadership in the business of great agencies.

Milestones and Expansions

2016 saw even more great work from our team. Few times in our history have we sought the limelight of awards and accolades, but three Addy Awards and a fancy bottle of bourbon later (one of these days we’ll get around to drinking it) and we’ve been forced to reflect on some the amazing work we’ve done.


And finally, 2016 was the year that we outgrew Raidious Control yet again. Our expansion from 2014 lasted two years, but this year we move on to our new digs in Fletcher Place. We’re excited to settle into the new space and welcome the opportunities that 2017 has to offer.

Here’s to a fantastic year!