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Commonly Misspelled Words: Don’t Let Them Trip You Up

If you are anything like me, you are a little dyslexic when you type. So on top of common possible misspellings, like the ones listed below, you also have to look to be sure you didn’t say “Greta” when you mean “Great” or “and” when you meant “an.”

  1. Separate
  2. Argument
  3. Necessary
  4. Liaison
  5. Definitely
  6. Occasion
  7. Receive
  8. Tomorrow
  9. Chief
  10. Preferred

This is why an editor is so very important. An editor is not just an extra set of eyes on your copy, but he or she is also a trained professional who can catch the nuances you might not even notice.

Now for the real problem: working in real time on social. DANG! You don’t have time for an editor when you are doing live tweeting or other such events. This is why we highly recommend pre-LIVE prep. You are going to have some content that can’t be planned for, but you can get some prep work done in advance and have an editor review prior to the event.

This could be anything from planned tweets made from speech copy before the speaking event, to just having all the names of the important people, places and things in a cheat sheet. Any and all preparations you can make in advance will help you avoid dreaded misspellings, typos and other errors, which can aid in preserving your brand’s reputation and ward off unwanted contributions from all the haters out there.