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Ditch Your “Boring but Effective” Marketing Content

B2B marketers, here’s a question for you: how much of your content would you classify as “boring, but effective”? Many times when working with B2B clients, agencies operate under the assumption that B2B marketing has to be boring. It’s just a fact of life, right?

At Raidious, we take old and assumed ways of doing things and turn them on their head.

That’s exactly what we did in an animated video project for Printing for Less. They came to us with a problem that plagues many SaaS vendors – “How do I show the value and function of my product?”

PFL had an easier time of it than most, because their product, the “Cross Channel Journey” was a storyboard waiting to happen. So we started with the final effect, the micro-moment in a client’s physical mailbox, and reverse engineered the steps to make that moment happen. Suddenly, everything became concrete, and easy to understand.

And that boring B2B marketing demo video? By starting with the upbeat effects of a happy client, we were able to ride an energy wave through the video that makes the entire presentation that much more pleasant. It’s still a demo video at its core, but much more upbeat. We’re really happy with the way it turned out.

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