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In case you missed it … Google+ is doing excellent things with your photos. It’s called Auto-Awesome. Not only is the social network organizing your photos for you, but it is also creating GIFs for you.

Before you roll your eyes so hard that it tilts Earth’s axis, you need to listen up. G+ can combine similar photos into an animated collage. It’s straight out of Harry Potter and totally worth the photo-backup time invested.

In addition to this, G+ can add special effects to photos, like this once lifeless picture of a Christmas tree turned twinkling GIF. Just when we think you couldn’t be possibly any worse, Google+, you go and do something like this … and totally redeem yourself! Google, we are proud of what you did with the GIF. You took it to the next level.

So why all this fuss about the GIF, anyway? Why is it such a brilliant piece of content for everyone?

I realize “because it’s magical” isn’t exactly the best answer here, but it’s true. It allows people to capture and share specific emotion that plain text cannot convey (unless you’re a wordsmith like our lovely Natasha O.). It creates life on a stagnant screen. The best thing about GIFs is that they are easy to create and share. You can make them in Photoshop or online. Once they’re made, they are instantly shareable. Copy and paste its URL link or the image, and voila!, you just “GIF-ed”. There’s no wonder why GIFs made a come back. It’s because they’re magical.

For more information about animated GIFs, check out my own below.