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The online marketing world is a maze of technologies, and no one entity can be the master of them all. When our clients need web design and content management systems that work within their existing .NET framework, the first people on our list to do the job are the Microsoft Certified .NET ninjas at Cogent Media Group.

Add in their experience and successes in e-commerce, and you’ll understand why we are so happy to have them as partners. And maybe you’ve heard of some little companies like Notre Dame, Eli Lilly, or the U.S. Department of Defense…  just some of their satisfied clients.

Cogent was an early supporter of Raidious, and has been great to work with on several Raidious projects –  they were a critical part of the team on the new Marsh website, where we continue to work with them, and played a key role on one of the early award-winning projects we worked on together for Hormel Foods. They were also neighbors of ours in our very first office in Plainfield, Indiana.

They’re talented, they’re agile, they’re right here in Indy, and they’re another one of the companies with whom we enjoy a stakeholder-level relationship meant to create a darn-near unstoppable force in digital marketing.

Jeff, Mitch, John, Shawn: thank you for being awesome. If your company is looking for help with any technology problem that involves Microsoft .NET, Cogent should be your first call.