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Congratulations to our President & CEO, Taulbee Jackson for not only his nomination to Indy’s Best and Brightest, but also for making it to the final round! Indy’s Best and Brightest is an annual event honoring 100 outstanding professionals in the Indianapolis area. All proceeds form the event benefit Junior Achievement of Central Indiana


Indy’s Best and Brightest honors 100 of Central Indiana’s outstanding young professionals, age 40 and under, who are making their mark in and around Indianapolis. This event was created by Junior Achievement to recognize the up and coming talent and the next generation of leaders in our community.

Taulbee has been nominated in the Media, Entertainment, & Sports category, and it’s awesome to see his name next to some of the excellent talent from central Indiana including Smallbox’s Jeb Banner, The Indianapolis Colts’ Chris Polian, and Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel. Ten winners will be selected by committee and honored on October 12th at the Robert Irsay Pavilion.

Taulbee started Raidious nearly two years ago, and has successfully built our company from a small office in Plainfield into a scalable force that build audiences for our clients. His knowledge of information architecture, social media, web content planning, search engine optimization, web analytics, brand strategy, and newsroom style production has been paramount to our rapid success. His leadership continues to keep us on the bleeding edge of interactive marketing.

Obviously all of us at Raidious are extremely proud of the last two years, and could not have done it without the leadership Taulbee brings to our company and clients each day. If you are interested in learning more about how Raidious can help build your audience, please reach out!

About Raidious

Raidious is purpose-built for integrated digital marketing management. We’re a content company, staffed with digital strategists and content producers. We make, manage, monitor, moderate and measure the content that makes digital marketing work.

All our services are implemented in a way that is completely integrated with your offline plans, your agencies, and other internal and external partners, and maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of both your online and offline marketing efforts.

How We Work

Make + Manage + Monitor + Moderate + Measure

Raidious is not an ad agency, or a PR firm, or a web development shop. We don’t have programmers, developers, designers, creative directors, or media buyers on staff. We are staffed with digital marketing strategists and content producers — writers, editors, producers, and journalists with expertise in digital media.

Operationally, we function like a broadcast news organization, not like a marketing services firm. If you took CNN’s multi-platform approach to broadcast news and embedded their reporters within your brand, that’s us. Only, instead of reporting the news, we’re using your platforms to report about your brand in an integrated way that supports, activates and extends your online and offline marketing efforts.