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Infographics: Share the Right Amount of Information

Infographics come in all shapes and sizes. The amount of information that needs to be shared will determine the length of the infographic. The layout of data will affect the length as well. Keep in mind that long infographics aren’t always the most successful ones.

Quality copy and quality design are key aspects of a great infographic. Be careful about creating too much written copy for an infographic. If the audience has to scour through data looking for the information, they’ll probably lose interest, and this won’t help the success of the piece. Using only beneficial and pertinent data will keep an audience captivated all the way to the end, where your call to action or logo should be (hint, hint).

Here are some examples of successful infographics in many different sizes and subject matter.

The following design concisely represents the world as 100 people – based on language, gender, nutrition and so on. The way it’s laid out, you forget that you’re reading data.


Not all infographics have to be serious. Playing up pop culture and current trends is a great way to get attention.


Lastly, there are infographics with more specialized topics, like a how-to infographic. These are a good way for companies to showcase their expertise by providing helpful information. This kind of infographic can be lengthy, but they’re informative and keep the viewer intrigued.


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