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Meghan Celebrates a Year at Raidious

Meghan’s dream job is ALMOST exactly what she does at Raidious, only she would prefer some better scenery: preferably a lake, or some mountains, or the beach. (Sorry Meghan, we won’t be leaving Indy anytime soon.) It’s fine because Meghan is a VERY proud Hoosier!  

Meghan is celebrating a year as a part of the Raidious family. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Journalism and has been craving to work at a place like Raidious since she got her diploma. What she’s enjoyed most about her time here—so far— is the collaborative creative environment and how good we are at teamwork. Go team!

If there’s anything you must know about Meghan, its that she’s pretty fearless. Though don’t get her confused with our other equally-as-fearless Meghan. She has been skydiving 14,000 feet above Kalispell, Montana and bungee jumped off a gondola from 400 feet in the Swiss Alps. We’ll go out on a limb and say this girl isn’t afraid of heights.

You better not call her Meg-han; it’s pronounced Me-ghan (because her mama says so). But if you slip up and mispronounce, she’ll accept your apology in the form of chocolate, coffee or both!

Great to have you, Meeeeee-ghan. Congrats on your first year at Raidious! We’ll keep you as long as you want to stay!