How we solved the content problem

Agencies are great at advertising. PR firms are great with PR. Web shops and digital agencies build great websites.Because that’s what they’re designed to do. We’re designed to produce digital content and manage digital dialog.

Raidious takes a broadcast journalism approach to content production and distribution. Imagine having an embedded CNN production team whose only job is to report on your brand. Add some serious online marketing acumen to the mix, and that’s us.

The Five Ms of Content Development

We’re not an agency. Or a PR firm. Or a web shop. We’re something totally new and totally different, from the way we staff to our planning approach to the way we execute.

Raidious was purpose-built to make, manage, monitor, moderate and measure digital content on a real time, two-way basis. Raidious makes the content that makes digital marketing work.

Raidious is a new kind of marketing services firm built to deal with the socialization of media. We stripped away all preconceived notions of how marketing services firms operate and started with a clean slate.

We researched other business categories, and landed on a content creation and publishing model that has served consumers well for years: multi-platform broadcast news.

We looked to CNN, MSNBC, NPR and other news media as examples of best-practices in how to create, manage, distribute and respond to content in a real time, two way media environment. We designed our approach around how a typical multi-platform news organization works today.