Our Team Is Your Team

Raidious is unlike many agencies you may have worked with. We were born digital, which means that much of the work that modern marketing teams struggle with is second nature to us. We’re comprised of creatives, designers, strategists, analysts and account executives – all prepared to help you succeed. 

We are as diverse as we are in number – get to know Team Raidious:


Jamie Berendsen
Jamie Berendsen
Community & Media Manager


Sara Ling
Sara Ling
Community & Media Manager


Kendall Mason
Community & Media Manager


Ashleigh Lay
Lead Designer


Jenn Love Simpson
Production Manager


Jim Ruden
Business Development Manager


Kira Peavley
Kira Peavley
Sr. Director, Research & Technology


Topher Howden
Director, Strategy


Ruby Kohler
Director, Social Media and Distribution


Meghan Barich
Account Supervisor


Meghan Terrell
Producer, Senior Creative Strategist


Andrew Gouty
Director, Marketing Strategy


Craig "Dodge" Lile
Vice President, Production


Kelley Briggs
Vice President, Account Management


Bob Bourgeois
Bob Bourgeois


Taulbee Jackson


Brian Wyrick