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Purposeful Repurposing: Don’t Let Your Content Die

There are lots of reasons to re-share your content, whether it is a blog, a graphic or any other type of media. The primary one being: “Why not?

You spent money and time creating it, so why not take full advantage of it? Now, I don’t mean just sharing it on all your social media channels. I mean sharing on your channels multiple times over time, and getting creative with it.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 11.15.55 AMTry repurposing on your media channels with a variety of copy options. This allows you to attract different people based on different interests in the same bubble you are after.

This also allows you to share the content over and over, gathering new interest. Buffer makes a great case for this strategy. They name three primary reasons: 1.) to increase traffic 2.) to hit multiple time zones and 3.) to reach new followers. I would add a few more reasons to this strategy: 4.) to grab attention where you missed it previously and 5.) to gain new audience members by utilizing appropriate and emerging keywords.

bigstock-Social-media-concept-21099296Now that we have covered the basics, let’s take it one step further: Repurposing. The linked article is from Open Forum, an excellent resource developed for entrepreneurs that can be used by anyone. They cover seven ways to do this, which I will touch on. First, I will explain what I mean by repurposing. This seems like a pretty simple word, but in this case, it is pretty big.  At the end of the day, media channels will come and go, but content will be what drives engagement. You need to create multiple versions of your content, not just your share copy. You can do this with infographics, email, a white paper or e-Book, podcasts, videos … the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

47 South Meridian Street, #302, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 Lastly, no matter what you come up with for repurposing – make sure your content is sized correctly and that it is optimized for mobile. I explain why here. Need help coming up with ways to repurpose your content? Raidious can help.