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Raidious celebrates Social Media Day

Raidious Celebrates Social Media Day 2015

We’re celebrating social media day at Raidious! Why? Cause social media is what we do and what we do is awesome sauce! How are we celebrating? With a big, bold, in-your-face statement and a super adorable video of the Raidious team identifying if a series famous quotes were about social media, the printing press or telephones.

Big, Bold, In-Your-Face Statement: The most revolutionary advancement in human communication, connection and the exchange of information and ideas isn’t the printing press or the telephone; it’s social media. Yeah, we said it.

Think about it, the invention of the printing press was pretty swell and, at the time, it was a mega huge deal. But there were millions of people who couldn’t read and didn’t even own books for thousands of years after its invention. The telephone, also pretty rad, but let’s be real, how often do you actually, willingly make phone calls —work doesn’t count— anymore? Worldwide, 1 in 4 people use some form of social media. It’s everywhere; we’re always on it, and most of us couldn’t imagine life without it. It has forever changed everything for everyone.

Super Adorable Raidious Team Video: