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Raidious is Hiring a Community & Media Manager


Raidious is a real-time digital marketing agency based in the heart of Indianapolis. What’s important to us? Building our clients’ brand audiences online and helping them accomplish business objectives so that they will impress the pants off their bosses. Not literally. Raidious is made up of a team of content problem-solvers. We deliver solutions to digital marketing problems through well-developed strategy, remarkable content, precise distribution and real-time data analysis.

The heart and soul of Raidious is our people. We don’t mean to brag (of course we do), but our team is full of the most dynamic, creative, hard-working individuals out there. Our culture is of paramount importance. When this team works together, we work hard. We pick each others’ brains. We collaborate. We push each other and strive for excellence—because we care about the work we do. There’s also the occasional puppy visit or nerf gun fight in the office. These things, they happen.


  • You have a college degree.
  • You have one to three years of experience in digital marketing.
  • You employ effective communication skills—always.
  • You have strong writing skills; words are your best friends. It’s ok if you have a couple other friends, but words are your best friends.
  • You navigate the waters of social media channels like a boss. First Mates can apply, but we’d prefer a Captain.
  • You respect and meet deadlines. Punctuality is the soul of business.
  • You have a basic understanding of design principles and current design software.
  • You stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the marketing world and have knowledge of current best practices in interactive marketing.
  • You are good at managing your time and an ever-changing list of projects.
  • You can work within a fast-paced but flexible schedule at 40 hours per week.
  • You are willing to work remote, at times, and/or outside of typical business hours.
  • You work independently and have the ability to work within a rapid-fire production schedule to manage and complete tasks.
  • You behave professionally, work proactively and think positively.
  • You are an open book. At Raidious, we’re 100% honest with each other 100% of the time.
  • You are not afraid to push back when necessary.
  • You have an open mind, will readily listen to everyone’s ideas and collaborate with the team to come to the best possible conclusion.
  • You are supportive of the team, yet willing to take on a leadership role when called upon.
  • You desire to do the most for your team.
  • You want to make this job the best job you’ve ever had, and you have a hunger for learning and growth within this position.


  • You’ll create kick-ass short-form content. You can spit social media posts better than Kanye spits lyrics.
  • Distribute content across a multitude of online platforms. Like the Rajon Rondo of content distribution but with a much better attitude.
  • Strategically plan and place distribution buys, giving thoughtful consideration to where and when dollars are being spent in order to optimize client success.
  • Become a trailblazer for searching out new ways to creatively distribute content.
  • Own a client’s social media presence.
  • Monitor our clients’ social media platforms with the vigilance of Batman.
  • Moderate online discussion on clients’ social media channels as needed.
  • Remain hungry to accomplish and surpass client expectations and objectives.
  • Activate and utilize the left hemisphere of your brain for creative idea generation at a moment’s notice.
  • Project manage your time and tasks. You remember that micro-manager you hated at your last job? We don’t want to do that. You do that, to you.
  • Deploy and manage native advertising campaigns.
  • Use basic design skills and current design software.
  • Create beautifully brilliant reports utilizing raw data.
  • Play well with others, including peer training and developing your teammates as needed.

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