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Why Your Real Time Content Fails (Miserably)

Real time content is an amazing way to help your brand stand out in the tide of content from other brands. It shows that your brand is paying attention and is relevant to your audience’s interests. When done right there is very little else that works as well for your brand’s content marketing. However there is a very obvious downside to trying to work in real time, and nowhere else has that been more apparent than during this World Cup. When done improperly you’re likely to make a very big, very negative spectacle of yourself and get noticed for all the wrong reasons.

The biggest reason that real time content marketing doesn’t work for brands is an inattention to strategy. Plain and simple. Doing the legwork ahead of time to lay down a solid strategy before you begin publishing allows everybody associated with your marketing to know exactly what they need to be doing, and what is and isn’t part of your brand’s voice. Without this ground work it’s entirely too easy to simply have people float ideas tangentially related to the event and your brand that sound good in the moment, but turn out to be very poorly thought out.

All of these issues go back to the need for comprehensive strategy that takes place long before the event starts. Understanding what is and isn’t a subject that your brand wants to discuss. What is a part of your brand voice? What very specifically isn’t? Who are you attempting to reach by undertaking this marketing? Perhaps most importantly, what is the production and approval process for publishing live content? Often times confusion around what the approval path for content should be leads to poorly thought out content being published without proper consent.

It’s not enough to simply identify an event and want to create real time content around it anymore. While the benefits to good real time content marketing are immense, the failures of poorly executed efforts are just as damning. Having your brand splashed all over the internet as a laughingstock, or worse, outweighs the desire not to have a solid strategy beforehand. Make sure you do your homework, or get a tutor to help you. Raidious helps brands create working social and content strategies every day. We can make sure you avoid the real time mistakes above, and end up a looking like a shining star of real time, like Waffle House….