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So you want to add video to your online marketing repertoire? Make sense. After all video is a fantastic medium for delivering information, is more likely to be shared, gives a human face to your company and more people are watching videos online everyday.

Unless you’ve been allocating money to put to video for years then it can difficult to find funds to get your video strategy off the ground. So what’s the best way to get the most out of your video budget? Series.

A typical video shoot will include hours of planning, setup, takedown, organization and of course dealing with scheduling conflicts and in the end getting a two minute interview with the CEO on your site is the result of 20+ hours of work. While the results can be outstanding it is not the most efficient use of time and not a long-term strategy for consistent video content.

This is done in primarily in two ways.

Film Multiple Segments Per Shoot

Instead of thinking “one shoot, one video” think “one shoot, 5 videos.” So much time is spent before ‘record’ is every pressed on the camera so maximizing your output also maximizes your marketing dollar.

Ask yourself:

  • What other story can this person tell?
  • What other product are they an expert on?
  • What else do our customers want and can this person provide it?

Instead of a 4 minute monologue try to break the story into 4-one minute segments that can be released over the course of a couple days or weeks. This helps put fresh content your online engagement streams without adding too much time and money.

Think long-term and fulfill as many needs as you can in each video shoot.

Get A Formula

If your content or stories are more widely spread out you can still squeeze extra value from your video budget by creating a series in which multiple videos exist.

For example let’s say you sell the latest and greatest home appliance technology and you can’t exactly shoot the next four big refrigerator releases because they aren’t available yet. Make each release a part of series with the same intro graphics, title screens, feel, vibe, etc. You’ll be surprised by how much time it saves not having to reinvent the wheel every time you have a video to push out.

Additionally there will be fewer missed opportunities for videos when a series is already in place. Not only will your online audience be aware videos when they are part of an ongoing series but so will your in-house team and your agency. Repetition means people will be thinking of other events, product, promotions, etc. that can fit into this existing structure and bring their ideas to the table.

Smaller Can Be Better

In the end it’s better to think of this video content marketing strategy as being similar to a blog. A company blog doesn’t consist of 5,000 word posts that take days to write and edit, instead they consist of mostly short, simple to produce pieces that tie into a larger content strategy. This can be your video strategy too.