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I just read a recent article about Facebook’s new LIKE button and learned that the process of changing the LIKE button lasted six months. Can you imagine being so big that such a simple change requires that much time and testing and even getting the CEO of your company involved?!

Anyway, in my opinion, the big news is that in Facebook’s tests, the new buttons got clicked more often than the old ones did, possibly because they’re a bolder, more visible color. That’s good news for content creators and curators.

As you can see, the LIKE button wasn’t the only button redesigned. The SHARE button also got a paint job, and aside from design, Facebook is also pairing these two buttons in hopes that websites will include both.

In case you aren’t sure of the differing functionalities, the LIKE button instantly posts content to Facebook, while the SHARE button lets you add a comment before posting, or lets you share the content to a more specific place.

As an audience builder and content creator, the SHARE button is my jam. When you share my content and further endorse it with your own thoughts and feelings, that’s when I know I’m winning. As the Web gets flooded with more and more content, its nice to know the largest social network on the Web is still thinking about maximizing ways to get audiences to share it.