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Today, Facebook introduced video for Instagram. Some speculated in advance (thanks to leaked info) that this might ruin Instagram’s appeal. I was among them.

Vine, the obvious reason for this update, is not something I have been able to fully adopt into my personal social media profile. Not a lot of friends are there, and when posted to Facebook, it shows up as a link vs. a video that can play in line. Yes, it works great on Twitter, and some brands are taking advantage of this fun little app in very compelling and creative ways, but it has to work in both places seamlessly in order to garner full adoption by social mediaites.

[iframe width=”400″ height=”300″ src=”″]

After downloading the update and watching the video above, I have new hope for this addition to Instagram. While the video showcasing¬†artistic¬†shots, moving photos — what we all assume is the goal behind the use of such an app — is what is selling me, we all know that less impressive video will filter in, as sure as we will see some issues with porn (not unlike Vine.)

I, for one, am much more excited about this update, having had a chance to play with it. While a bit buggy, Instagram has always been great about releasing quick updates to squash them. I also predict the slow downfall of Vine, a frustrating attempt to create an “Instagram for Video” by Twitter that seemingly underwhelmed the majority.

Where will video on Instagram lead? Only time will tell. Check out Instagram’s first video here, and our one sheet below.

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Download for iOS or Android, and be sure to work with your Raidious Producer on how to integrate this new feature into your current Instagram strategy OR ask how to get one started.

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