Welcome to Raidious Control 1.1 Beta

In Digital Marketing, Raidious by Brian Wyrick

It’s good to shake things up once in awhile. Raidious is fortunate to have such a fantastic location for “Raidious Control.” Located in the heart of downtown Indy, we have great views and a spacious workspace.

When we built out the space, we built it to seat as many people as we could. This layout has served us well for the past year and through one of the biggest events we’ve seen, the 2012 Super Bowl.

A little over a year after we moved in, we realized it was time for a shake up. Our two long rows of “touchdown stations” were rarely getting used, and we felt like we needed some more space.

Our friends at Business Furniture came by two weeks ago and helped us rearrange the space into a configuration that has brought our production team closer together physically to encourage even more collaboration on projects, as well as provide a more dynamic feel with our touch down stations for our growing sales team.

We still have some technical bugs to work out, but it is amazing how simple changes can revitalize an office space.

To celebrate, I’ve turned our floor plan into a little infographic for our employee orientation, and I thought it came out well enough to also share with the world.


Welcome to Raidious Control.

This is our home, our headquarters, our clubhouse, and our secret lair. Some days everyone is here and some days it seems abandoned. The reason for that? We are nimble, we are agile, and we work from all over the world sometimes.

  1. Here sits our VP of Sales – he is in charge of finding new audience building opportunities for our team.
  2. This is where our producers connect and coordinate the social storytelling and  engagment that builds audience.
  3. In this corner resides the VP of Production. Managing the entire production team leaves little time for sleep.
  4. This area is home to our sales and marketing teams as well as hot desks for guests and team members.
  5. The production team creates and promotes social stories that get our client’s customers jazzed.
  6. We have a giant video wall. Sometimes we say “onscreen.” 9 screens, 3 TV boxes, 6 mac minis, one PS3.
  7. This collaboration station has a giant whiteboard next to it. We like to write all over the wall and sit around this table.
  8. Our President and CEO pilots the starship his centrally located bridge. He has an awesome monitor arm.
  9. The brains behind the video wall live back here. We feed our brains snacks and energy drinks daily.
  10. Sometimes we have meetings. We use this area for client meetings and video calls with remote teammates.
  11. This office gets used by employees that need a quiet space to work. It is also our reception area.