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Four Square
Image by Steve Ganz via Flickr

So you are now all set up on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Awesome! Now there is a new network joining the mix, and it has quickly become one of the big ones: Foursquare. What is it? Where is going?

Foursquare is a location-based social networking system that is starting to spread like wildfire. The platform has a ton of possibilities moving forward. Restaurants, bars, and clubs are already on board, posting coupons and incentives for customers to check in at their locations.

Ready to jump on the Foursquare train? Here are a few tips for how to get started:

Start a Foursquare account, and start checking-in on your phone. Let’s be honest, it is a fun network to play around with, and droves of people are starting to use the app in cities both large and small.

Is your business consumer based? Start offering incentives for customers to check-in at your location. I have personally utilized a few free appetizer incentives myself, and I have seen some great retail deals around the local mall. Your customers will see your special offers in a pop up on their screen when they are near your location, so the app helps drive people to your location, or at least prompt them to take a look.

If you are in charge of multiple locations, make sure you log on and claim them. As Foursquare grows, so will the number of people trying to claim businesses that do not belong to them.

Foursquare is still new. Most businesses are still trying to figure out how it can benefit them, but it is a social media tool that millions of people are joining. It can’t hurt to get involved. Like a social media campaign, take time to strategize how you want to utilize the tool, and execute.