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The hardest part of social media management is understanding that the social space is not another venue to distribute your news release. Content is a loaded word when it comes to social. Content can be a status update, a photo, a video, or link share, but it’s not a news release.

News releases are written in a manner targeted towards journalists who are required to read hundreds of releases a day in order to write an informative story for their reader. Social media gives you the opportunity to go straight to those targeted publics without going through a journalist or reporter.

Interesting content comes through research, experience, and a little trial and error. The Raidious Engagement Department spends countless hours creating content, but then more importantly evaluating those pieces of content in order to see if the audience enjoyed it, found it interesting, relevant and valuable.

Sometimes the most valuable, and engaging content you can create is the most simple of things. It’s all about listening to your audience and understanding how they want to engage with your brand.

This seems like an awful lot for a social campaign, but you wouldn’t build a house with just a hammer and a few nails, right? Tools like Social Center give you the ability to manage and measure content, giving you complete control over your campaign.

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