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Social Network Marketing is a hot topic these days. So – before we get to your customers – what are you doing? We really want to know.

Has your company . . .  uploaded photos? Messaged a friend (without using a broadcast approach)? Have you joined a group? Written a blog post?

How is it working for you? Are you optimizing it regularly based on analytics?
Is there a risk management plan in place? Conversion strategy? Is your content legally protected?

Or – is it a Facebook page that just sits there taking up server space?

Here’s what your customers are doing, right now.

Engaging with customers online is not a technology problem – it’s a content problem.

Anyone can set up a Facebook page. It takes a completely new approach to actually make it effective for your brand.

We can help you with custom content, blog management, social network marketing, and digital content strategy in general.

Your customers are creating content and engaging with each other. We can help you do the same.

We make, manage, monitor, moderate, and measure digital content. It’s all we do.

Our approach to digital strategy is content focused and platform agnostic – we plan, create and manage content for social media, email marketing, blogging, web video and mobile device marketing, as well as other digital platforms.

Raidious Digital Content Services :::
We make the content that makes
digital marketing work.

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(Thanks to for providing the chart and Universal McCann for the research, you can see the original article here.)

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