3 Essential Employee Traits You Won’t Find on a Resume

In Raidious by Taulbee Jackson

Analytics. Content. Conversions. Social media management, monitoring, and optimization. Lead generation and design. As digital marketers, these are concepts we hear every week. To be successful in the industry, it’s ideal that we be aware of the buzzwords and have access the range of skills we are likely to perform.

That being said, the hardest and most important parts of being a digital marketer are the traits that don’t show up on a résumé. These are the soft-skills, the character traits, and the base knowledge that stand out in all successful digital marketers.

Know the basics

In order to survive as a digital marketer and keep up with the industry in the constantly changing world of technology, you have to be able to adapt and learn more. Don’t pursue the career with a closed mindset. Instead, have an understanding of core principles with the ability to learn more. More importantly, once you understand the principle, know how to apply it.

You may be an expert at Photoshop, but if you can’t take a good photo, what’s the point?

A set of base technical skills will give you an appreciation of a project’s scope. A tactical foundation establishes an understanding of what can and cannot be done, and what it takes to complete a project.

Having an understanding of core principles along with a set of base technical skills (with a drive to always learn more) will set you up to become a successful marketing professional.

A positive perspective on failure

A marketer’s job is to always find a way to get things done. This should always be your rally cry. Trust yourself, but more importantly, trust the rest of your team. Be a “foxhole employee” and prove to your colleagues that you can be counted on to stick it out through every bump in the road.

But sometimes, projects fail. You didn’t give up, you just failed. And that’s okay.

Failure is oftentimes the best way to learn. The willingness to maintain perspective when things don’t go well, recover quickly, and then make adjustments will eventually lead to a successful outcome.

Customer centricity and employee empathy

There is one thing that every modern digital marketer needs to fully understand and respect: the customer.

Customer empathy is important in understanding your clients’ wants and needs. It’s the idea of putting yourself in their shoes to create the best solution for any problem. Everything a modern marketer does should revolve around a customer. Being empathetic towards their needs is just the beginning. By aligning your goals with the goals of the client, your true motive becomes clear. Similarly, an empathetic attitude towards your peers and colleagues creates an environment of better understanding. It is very rarely only about you, a single marketer.