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5 Takeaways from Social Media Strategies Summit

Raidious travelled to Social Media Strategies Summit in San Francisco last month. It’s always a great opportunity to meet new people, hear their challenges, and share how we’ve worked with other brands that have similar challenges.

San Francisco was no exception. We’ve distilled the top conversations into the 5 things that digital marketers are hot on right now.

1) No strategy for crisis response is a disaster waiting to happen.

Moore’s law exists for a reason. If you haven’t had a major social crisis before, it’s because you’ve been lucky, or you’ve had a proactive plan in place to put out the fire the instant its seen. The hottest conversation at SMSS San Francisco was about crisis management and response.

It’s Raidious’ experience that a few key strategy pieces can go a long way to making your team ready for a crisis. Specific routing maps and escalation protocols for customer service, financial and legal issues make it easy for new team members to jump in and help in a high volume situation without much training. The key takeaway? Have a process, and put it down on paper for everyone to see.

2) Employees can help your social program. Have you enabled them to succeed?

Raidious has written extensively on this subject recently, and is a big believer in utilizing employee advocacy as a fire starter to social efforts. The majority of our own social reach is activated through our team (and we’ve not a large team).

In short, be aware of the roadblocks (policies) you’ve put in front of your employees, and start considering tools that could enable your team members to contribute to your digital efforts

3) Video needs a set place in your budget

67% of millennials believe they can learn anything they could want or need via Youtube. That’s a strong belief statement in the vast resource library of content available for consumption. Is your brand earning a share of voice on the second largest search engine on the planet?

The time could be now to revisit your video plans for 2016.

4) Get your leadership on board

Active engagement from your company’s senior leadership adds a wealth of authenticity and validation to the rest of your brand’s messaging. A lockstep presentation from your leadership that aligns with brand messaging and product promise? It’s a triple threat. Plus, we all love seeing a hero that’s ready to get their hands dirty. Tweet chats, webinars, hangouts…just make sure you set up your senior leaders to knock it out of the park (aka start small if you have concerns about technology or online publicity)

5) Marry lifecycle marketing with your social activity

The suspects, prospect, customers and brand advocates in your audience are just a few examples of the varying audiences that interact regularly with your brand. They all need a different value proposition of content and messaging to feel a part of your social scape. Are you reaching them at the right place, at the right time?

A sophisticated approach to persona development and message construction can help you get a handle on meeting your audience where they are. Check out our Groundwork offering for more…

At Raidious, we partner with our client marketing teams in a variety of ways to become the missing piece to their digital marketing puzzle. Contact us to learn how we can help your team meet its objectives.

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