7 Proud Moments at Raidious

In Raidious by Taulbee Jackson

Every July the team at Raidious gathers to celebrate where we’ve been, and where we’re going. In a space that’s constantly changing, we find it healthy to slow down for a day in July and look back at some of our accomplishments. Here are just a few of them, and why we’re proud of them:

#1. Every single person on our team.
We have been very lucky to find the kind of extraordinary talent we have at Raidious. All our people are absolute ninjas at what they do, and it’s an absolute joy to be able to come in and work with people of this caliber every day. There is something special about everyone on the team – and when you put them all in a room, it’s electric. I am honored and humbled to be working with all of them.

#2: Being a pioneer in our space.
Raidious literally changed how the world thinks about marketing, and redefined how companies market themselves in the 21st Century. And we continue to innovate with things like Raidious Reach, our unique approach to content distribution, and Rundown – our SaaS platform for content production.

#3. Our clients.
Especially our early clients. It is hard sometimes to be able to have the conviction to try something that has never been done before. Almost all of our clients were the first in their category to even make an attempt at content-centric, real-time marketing. We are proud to be associated with every single one of them. Their bravery, foresight and their willingness to take chances inspire us, every day.

#4. The companies we serve.
Very few agencies our size have consistently worked with the kinds of highly respected national and global brands we have – and even fewer in Indiana. Indianapolis is not known as an agency hotbed, especially with Chicago three hours away. I am proud of the fact that Raidious has served, and continues to serve, many of our country’s top brands . . . Walmart, the Super Bowl, the US Department of Defense, FEMA, Bass Pro Shops, Finishline, GoDaddy, Angie’s List, Cummins, Riddell, Turner Sports, Indiana State University, Mercer, OneAmerica, USA Football, the Indianapolis Colts, Equifax, the Kansas City Royals, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, IU Health, Ernest Packaging, Schlage, Berkshire-Hathaway, and many many other brands.

#5. The Work.
Raidious does an amazing job of translating data, analytics, and audience signals into intriguing, remarkable, high production value content that audiences love. The work we produce for our clients works, because it’s data-driven… yet it still touches people emotionally and impacts perceptions in powerful ways. People used to think creativity was a black art, the domain only of Creative Directors. We’ve proven that it’s equal parts Mad Men and Math Men.

#6. The Results.
Pretty much every client we work with winds up being a case study for us. I am so proud of the fact that not only is our production team producing remarkable content, but our team of researchers, strategists, and analysts are constantly measuring and optimizing to make sure the strategy delivers the intended business outcome. We have consistently been able to deliver mind-blowing results to our clients, and I am super-proud of that.

#7. Raidious’ Influence.
Several of our clients have gone on to create their own in-house newsroom teams, which we are very proud of. Many of the largest global agencies in the world have done the same, including Publicis, Edelman PR and Deep Focus, one of Ad Age’s 2016 Agencies to Watch. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…  : ) Plus, The Owned Media Doctrine is being used to teach our methodology to graduate students in universities like Marquette, Butler, IU, Ball State, and many others. I am proud our company has been able to have the level of influence it has over the last seven years.