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I’ve always been a multi-tasker, but this year I’ve taken on two exciting new roles. Through my experiences as both Raidious’ social media coordinator and a new law student I have learned important skills that are easily transferrable between the two seemingly different forums. How are they similar you ask? Well… listen up. Here are 4 simple ways that studying the law and social media really aren’t that different.

Get to the point already!
Lawyers and social media writers share the goal of conveying ideas in a clear and concise manner. Learning how to create messages that are 140 characters or less has forced me to write simpler content that is easy for any audience to follow. This challenge is a predominant factor in the legal profession. Legal writing is all about making your point quickly, because dry case language can quickly lose your reader’s attention. Make it short and sweet – no fluffy details required.

It’s about the quality of your content, not the size of your vocabulary.
Social media is about starting a conversation. Keeping your writing in layman’s terms will help keep your target audience interested and engaged. Your audience surely will NOT be impressed by your ability to regurgitate big words that you learned while studying for the SAT. Contrary to popular belief, this is also true for law professionals. Think about it. Lawyers deal with regular people who have ordinary problems. Is your client really going to be impressed by you spouting legalese at them? People, whether brand audiences or legal clients, want to know why they should pay attention to your ideas. Simple.

Don’t be afraid of controversy.
So how do you get people excited and interested about your platform? People LOVE to talk about things they are passionate about, so keep the engagement coming by asking controversial questions. It’s easy to see how a controversial question can blow up a social media page. Yep, you guessed it. This is true for legal issues, because it is easier to persuasively prove your point when you have both empiricism and emotion backing your cause.

It’s not what you say, but how you say it.
Thanks, mom! Haven’t we ALL heard this catchphrase during our upbringing? Well, sure your parents were probably talking about minding your manners, but is that REALLY different from what lawyers or social media experts are trying to convey with their writing? Marketing a social media brand is about how you position your client’s messages. At Raidious we call this personae. In other words, how to make your content interesting to people who are ACTUALLY going to read it. This is exactly what lawyers do. The way you frame an issue or evidence can ultimately decide whether a jury finds your client guilty or innocent.

There you have it. Apply these 4 simple concepts and you can be an up and coming social media guru, or lawyer, or like me and do BOTH!!

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