The Art of the @ Reply – Monitoring that Wins

In Social Media Marketing by Marko Tomich

Live channel monitoring can make the little moments go a long way, and trust me — your fans will notice. Being on-channel comes with a variety of responsibilities such as joining conversations, planning ahead for real-time events and responding.

When monitoring, your job is much more than looking over your brand’s social accounts. You gauge your fans’ interests and find ways to leverage your content with bigger audiences. Try to relate trending topics and relay them in your own way. Some of the best brands on social do a phenomenal job at putting their own spin on things in a short amount of time.

On social media, timing is everything. You have to strike while the iron is hot. It may sound crazy, but you do have to plan ahead for real-time marketing in digital media. You can always work ahead to be ready for your moment, whether it’s generating templated graphics for live coverage, looking ahead to quirky holidays or hitting launch dates. Executing on large-scale national events is a great way to get some quick wins on-channel.

Posting and planning is one thing, the art of the response is a whole new beast. Your daily interactions with fans can make all the difference when growing a social following. My criteria when analyzing brands and their responses is quite simple: quickness, originality, delivery and sting (yes the same standards from the MTV hit show ‘Yo Momma’).

It all comes down to finding your brand voice and making it seem natural to the space. Similar to the idea that you’ll get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, brands find success when they seem less like a big corporation trying to push an agenda and more of a fun friend to interact with.

Every so often brands strike gold in a new and unique way to interact with their fans. Recently the roast response has taken off, largely due to the popularity of Wendy’s social accounts.

Understand what’s right for some is not always right for all, so tread lightly when you’re searching for your social identity. Are you striking the right balance with your channel interactions? We can help you master the art of the @ reply.