August 2016 State of Social Media

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In case you’ve been living under a rock (and even then, the kids would have stumbled into your garden in kicked you out of your Fraggle hole by now), there are just a few million people playing Pokemon Go. Brands have had a hard time figuring out what to do about it, and we have our own thoughts. We’ll see if we’re still talking about it this time next month.

In social news, here’s what happened last month:

facebookFacebook is making lots of money

Facebook announces it had a “Good” quarter

If your company is shifting more media dollars to Facebook ads, you are not alone. This month, Facebook announced it had its best quarter ever, posting a mere $6.2 billion in ad revenue. For comparison’s sake, Twitter raked in just $600 million. Driving those dollars: Canvas and video. Are we surprised? Not so much.  

New tools for app advertisers

Does your business have an app? There are now better Facebook ads for that. In July, Facebook announced the rollout of dynamic ads and Canvas for business looking to drive app installs.

Advertising means paying to play

The black hole that is Company Pages organic reach just got bigger. The newest News Feed algorithm is prioritizing updates from family and friends over what appear to be sponsored ads. It’s just one more addition to the long list of attempts to maintain the sites primary purpose: connecting users with those you know, not brands.  

twitterTwitter has a sticker for you

The folks at Twitter just can’t seem to catch a break, but we can’t entirely blame the financial and social industries lambasting Twitter for a lack of innovation or enough daily active users. Stagnation is the order of the day (but you can verify your brand’s account now, so that’s  neat-ish).

Side Note: When is that whole “links and images not counting towards 140 characters” thing happening? We’re waiting, Twitter. We’re waiting.

Stickers…that’s exciting.

Pokemon GO has more daily active users than Twitter

Twitter Introduces Process for Verified Account


Instagram is in the process of developing a new feature to reduce harmful comments and hurt feelings. Starting at the root of the problem, soon celebrities will be able to manage the comments posted under their images. Instagram plans for all users to have access to the feature in the coming months.


linkedinLinkedIn Still Figuring Out the Merger

Not that we should be surprised, but after the Microsoft Acquisition, LinkedIN has gone radio silent on new updates and features. What they have done is put a stronger content focus on multinational and corporate HR. We should expect a tighter integration (read: ads in your feed for professional development) with

And now that they’re Microsoft-owned, we’re sure LinkedIn will become more profitable. #TenDollarCPC


Is it just us, or is Snapchat becoming more like Facebook, and vice versa? The Memories add-on for Snapchat gives snaps some longevity, and hopefully some reach into more demographics. But not to worry kids, you have BITMOJIs to play with!

Snapchat Memories

BITMOJI Integration



Reddit lets brands promote user posts

Reddit announces a new ad offering called Promoted User Posts. This ad offering will let an advertiser identify an organic post that’s relevant to their brand or product, and promote it. Translation: some poor, entry-level social media marketer will be spending their weekends combing through Reddit. The example they gave of how this all works is a user who posts “a giant replica of a Taco Bell hot sauce packet, for example, and shares it on Reddit, the restaurant chain could step in and sponsor that post.”

Tumblr is launching ads

Until I saw this, I totally forgot about Tumblr. I like Tumblr, but it’s like the middle child that’s super cool (in a quirky way) and talented, but nobody cares ‘cause it’s older social siblings are varsity football stars and have a full ride to Dartmouth. Anywho, they don’t have all the details ironed out, but rest assured; they’re working on stuff and things.

Google AdWords introduces three ad innovations for a mobile-first world

Google wants you to continue spending money in ever-increasing amounts. In order to convince you to do that, they’re making it easy to reach mobile devices, namely with better and responsive ad formats, and a more flexible bid system that takes devices into account.


Facebook Tests Snapchat-like Disappearing Updates

LinkedIn might be making video magic. Might be. Someday. Somewhere.

Facebook testing video downloads for offline viewing

Snapchat Developing Object Recognition