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Do B2B Companies Still Question the Value of a Digital Strategy?

I came to being a writer and producer at a digital agency by way of an 11-year sales career. An unlikely path, many would say. However, I have found my diverse experience with varying industries and communications styles to be beneficial in agency work. Additionally, years of sales training has given me ample cliché one-liners that apply to a number of regular ol’ business situations.

It’s hard to believe that any organization would put up an objection to a digital strategy in 2016. But it happens. And that’s when I call upon a long-trusted sales cliché: “Objections are buying signals.” Again, it’s surprising a digital strategy needs to be “sold” in today’s market, but we see our forward-thinking (or, heck, current-thinking) marketing department clients still facing uphill boulder-pushing with less-convinced internal stakeholders. I feel the pain of my fellow marketers and know that it’s possible to take objects and turn them into opportunities! Let’s take a look at some turnarounds:

1) “Our customers aren’t on social.” vs. “We haven’t yet tapped social media to find new customers.”

You see how that works? The promise of new customers! Who could resist that?!

While your customers may be on social to check the kids’ soccer schedule or get a quick fix of cat videos, they’re there. And they don’t turn off their minds completely from work and business while they’re there. Do you? Work is always on my mind—maybe not consciously, but I live in America, where we live to work.

2) “I don’t see value in using LinkedIn for prospecting.” vs. “What value can we provide our target customer through LinkedIn?”

Me. Me. Me. That’s the favorite tune of sales. Another catchy phrase in the sales world is “solutions-based selling.” Every organization wants to communicate its solutions as unique, not commoditized products or services. LinkedIn is the perfect place to paint that solutions picture with rich content. Social posts. Long-form content. Targeted email (InMail). Networking. Networking groups. Networking. Networking. Networking. This platform has it all for B2B organizations that intend to expand their customer base by showcasing solutions to real business issues. The key is to shift focus to what your customer needs from the solution, which may be different from the features and benefits that sales currently touts.

3) “We have a challenge telling our story.” vs. “How do we tell the story of our customers?”

One-way broadcasting is a dead-in-the-street method of sharing what makes your organization so unique. Your customers won’t listen to it anymore. They’re busy watching videos of emotional storytelling—underdogs out on top, empowerment of masses, bedazzlement by innovation. A sound digital strategy involves thoughtful storytelling to resonate with what matters most: what matters most to your customers. Listen to your customer—which is a key aspect of a digital strategy—to hear what motivates and moves them. It’s multi-way communication that thrives today.

If you’re meeting resistance internally for your digital strategy, take those objections as opportunities. If you need help “selling” a comprehensive approach to connecting with customers online, then Raidious will not object. This is what we’re built for—storytelling opportunities. Contact us today to get the story straight with your internal stakeholders.

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