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B2B Needs To Get Creative With Video

The big lie that has seeped into the consciousness of too many B2B companies is that they’re supposed to be boring. Most B2B companies wouldn’t call what they do boring, but they seem to be resigned to the fact that most people would. This isn’t true.

If you’re on the marketing team of a B2B brand ask yourself, “Do the words boring, buttoned-up, stiff, dull or anything like that appear in my mission statement?”

Being professional doesn’t mean you should be a snoozer. After all, many B2B brands tend to be made up of people who are passionate about something – be it engineering, finance, law, software development, or IT. And passion drives great content.

Take, for example, Ernest Packaging Solutions. They’ve been a digital marketing client of Raidious for years and have a fantastic brand. They are a packaging design company that has gone above and beyond to shed the idea of being a provider of bland brown boxes and showcased the fact that they do incredible stuff.

Stuff like … creating a Fender Stratocaster out of cardboard.

They’ve also had Tony Hawk ride a paper skateboard and had professional surfers shred the waves on a cardboard surfboard. These opportunities didn’t happen by accident. Ernest seeks them out because they know that being seen as more than just a packaging company requires them to be more than just a packaging company.

And in my opinion, if it isn’t on video then it didn’t really happen.

There isn’t an industry that can’t get creative with video. There are companies that aren’t ready, though, and that is usually because they don’t think average people will care about what they do. But, if you can connect what you do to the world around you, then you have an engaging story to tell. And we can help you tell it with video.

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