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If you’re a marketer, and you’re not familiar with EdgeRank, you should be. This is the algorithm Facebook uses to determine which content to show your fans. But that’s just the tip of the sword.

Raidious works with lots of enterprise-level global and national brands, managing social media for hundreds of thousands of fans and hundreds of thousands of interactions every month. Raidious has been in the social media optimization game for awhile now. Over the last year, we have been doing more homework on EdgeRank to help our existing clients do things like triple their Facebook fan base, add 20,000 fans in a 48 hour period, and drive 60% increases in online sales worth over a million and a half dollars – all attributable directly to social media (and that was just one client). We are pretty excited about what we have learned, and thought it would be valuable information to share with other marketers, who may be wondering why their numbers on Facebook have gone down recently, or why they are not seeing the growth they want. The answer is EdgeRank, Facebook’s content assassin. That’s right:

Facebook is trying to assassinate your content.


Only you can protect it – but you must learn the exquisite art of EdgeRank, grasshopper.

Learn how to become an EdgeRank Ninja, with Raidious and Awareness Networks, at our upcoming Webinar. If the word “algorithm” scares you, don’t worry. This will not be a deep dive into Calculus 401. I’ll give an easy to understand overview of the algorithm, with as little heavy math as possible (although there will be a little bit). I can also guarantee the appearance of at least one cute picture of a kitten, and Animal from the Muppets. Also, lots of ninja pictures, and a behind the scenes look at the end result of ongoing EdgeRank optimization, and some guidance on how you, too, can start leveraging EdgeRank for your brand.

I would love to see you there, and please bring a friend. It will be fun, and you can impress your boss afterwards with your crazy EdgeRank ninja skills. Hiii-YA!

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