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Beware the Distribution Magnifying Glass

As part of our Ten Lessons of Distribution in the 2017 State of Distribution, Sara Ling outlines some of the opportunities and pitfalls that come with the territory of promotional campaigns:

A magnifying glass is a powerful tool. Think about the first time you looked at a butterfly wing magnified 1,000 times under a lense – breathtaking. And yet, this same tool can be used to burn ants walking along the sidewalk on a hot day. And so it goes in digital marketing.

Here are two ways to prepare your campaign for successful results driven through paid distribution.

Start with remarkable content.

Native ad networks still base their costing on the quality of the content submitted. Engaging, high clickthrough content will yield a lower CPC. If you’ve ever run a paid search campaign, you’re familiar with the concept of a quality score. Social networks will do very similarly, in that they reward publishers have provided their users with a better experience.

If you aren’t providing useful, entertaining, or aspirational content to your consumers, you will get ignored faster than a sketchy dude at the school dance. Spend the time, money and resources to think outside the box and create great content. If you build it, they will come.

Prepare your infrastructure.

Great news! Your campaign was a rousing success. Thanks to paid distribution, you’ve doubled your target goal, and you’re practically swimming in leads and lists. Oh wait, you weren’t prepared to nurture this many leads. It’s all so overwhelming. Now you’re feeling a bit like that any frying on the sidewalk, yes?

If you’re marketing infrastructure isn’t ready for the load, the bridge is going to break. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By building a marketing funnel that is prepared for an impending avalanche of traffic, you’ll set yourself up for success.

Need help creating remarkable content or building a stronger marketing strategy? Great! We’re pros at magnifying success for our clients through paid distribution. Let’s chat.

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