Brace Yourselves. Holiday Everything is Coming

In Digital Marketing, Marketing Technology, Social Media Marketing by Kira Peavley

Yes, I said holiday and yes, I know it’s only September. However, retailers everywhere are already boasting about holiday hiring, hot new items and announcements. I am sure you have already or will soon see the Christmas decor aisles, which means retailers are already prepping for Black Friday.

This financial-based term for the day of the year typically produces record sales and kickoffs the holiday shopping season—and puts retailers “in the black.”

When Holiday comes around, sales go up. When sales go up, so do customer service needs. From praise to complaints to gift suggestions, retailers must be prepared to address these needs on social media.

At this point in history, portable technology is so mainstream, it’s retro. We know that people are online now more than ever. In 2014, 78% of shoppers used the Internet for holiday research. It seems like every year, we hear that it was “the most connected holiday shopping season ever.” And it is. Every year.

Click to see full graphic by thinkwithGoogle

Click to see full graphic by thinkwithGoogle

The consumer is looking for retailers to come to them, without invading their space. They want that personal connection with the brand that makes them feel like a VIP. The big boys totally get it,- Amazon Fresh, Amazon Now, Walmart Grocery Pickup and Delivery, and the just announced Target InstaCart – by introducing new services to make shopping more convenient.

So how do we manage that influx of direct and indirect chatter that accompanies online shopping? How do we siphon through all the noise to get to what is relevant?

The conversations aren’t always bad. Maybe great-grandma is having trouble using your digital shopping cart and needs someone to help her out. Perhaps Aunt Shannon has no idea what a Charzar is but knows her little nephew is obsessed with it and needs your guidance. The engagement between the retailer and the customer becomes a friend-like experience.

With growing options and price wars, those friendly loyalties can shift. It’s not only about steals anymore—it’s about bonuses. What do they get extra? Why should they buy from YOU? Who is going to treat them the best?

Click to see full graphic by thinkwithGoogle

Click to see full graphic by thinkwithGoogle

Most consumers need the information about what they are getting from you in a bite-sized visual way that they can also clearly understand. Last year, 80% of shoppers watched videos of product reviews and ratings. Not just from the experts, but also from the Average Joes. We have said it before, and we will say it again. VIDEO, VIDEO, VIDEO! Give the people what they want, make it short but entertaining, and then give them the info they need.

The shopping landscape is evolving. Let Raidious help you discover the best way to scale and engage with your holiday customers.