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Does Your Brand Need 24/7 Monitoring and Response?

Raidious works with some big brands. Some of these brands operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and some of these brands occasionally have reputation and/or customer service issues. Because of those last two facts, we’ve explored 24/7 social monitoring and response on multiple occasions. Even when your brand operates all day/all night, as you might devise, 24/7 internet monitoring and response can be very expensive.

The obvious answer is one size will never fit all, but we’ve found that even the biggest brands, that operate around the clock, can still provide quality customer service with social monitoring and response times that don’t extend well into the witching hours.

It all starts with planning. You need to identify all your business goals. You need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each owned media platform. Twitter can be a great customer service channel. Facebook, not too bad, but things can get messier more easily. You still need a response strategy for both

If a customer tweets at you at 3am, should they really expect a reply before 8am that following morning? They might expect it, but that doesn’t mean they should. How much is it worth to you? Sure, you can surprise and delight, if you can afford it, but is it critical to your business?  What if sh!t really hits the fan?! What is your crisis response plan?

The other important fact to note is that social marketing and customer service are not synonymous. Which internal team runs your social accounts or do multiple teams have access? Or is there simply an escalation plan from one team to the other? What is your brand’s sales cycle? Does your brand need to distribute compelling content throughout the 24-hour day in order to drive sales?

THERE ARE SO MANY QUESTIONS!! That’s why it all has to start with strategic planning and getting the pen on the paper to document it all. Your brand can’t have all these questions hanging over its head. There is little doubt, in today’s social world, we can all agree that just about every brand needs an internet monitoring strategy and solution, but there is no exact answer that fits all brands across the board.

You’ve got to dig in and get all the tough “What ifs?” answered. Only then will you start to see whether your brand really needs 24/7 monitoring and response. My guess is you don’t, but you definitely need to answer all those “What ifs?”.

It’s a big task, and Raidious would love to help. We’ve put monitoring and response strategies in place for some of the biggest brands in the world. We’ve also built them for local retailers and health networks. Big or small, we scale to provide you the solutions you need so you can sleep easy at night. Contact us today!

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