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Stereogum commenters rip Samsung a new one.

Brands have been trying to take advantage of popular music for years. In the last 10 years, we’ve seen an explosion of television programs and commercials keying in on new and emerging music in hopes of attracting that 16- to 24-year-old demographic. Brands have taken notice of the success that television shows has had with this tactic, and have been following suit.

Samsung recently launched a commercial featuring the song “Royals” by 16-year-old New Zealand singer Lorde. Lorde is all the rage right now. Hitching your wagon to hers is a smart move. Unfortunately, Samsung’s product was their Galaxy Note 3, a $300+ phone, and even more unfortunate, for Samsung, is that the Lorde song they decided to use is all about rejecting materialism. Furthermore, the video ad features soccer superstar Lionel Messi, one of the most highly paid soccer players in the world. Samsung displays a total disconnection from reality with this song and endorsement decision. It’s a credibility killer and likely hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted.

The content of the video is a little shaky as well. As you can see by the comments on the music blog, Stereogum, music fans and readers didn’t get on board with the video’s intended message.

Latching on to what’s hot, taking advantage of trends and real-time marketing is a great way to grow your audience, but not if your message is off brand. You can’t blindly believe that everyone will interpret your messages the way you do.

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  1. I wasn’t shocked they used Royals with it being a huge song and maybe Samsung was betting people don’t pay attention to lyrics. “Team” would have been a much better choice if they wanted to attach themselves to Lorde.

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