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Brands Doing It Right On Social Media: Instagram

Brands Doing It Right On Social Media: Instagram

Today, having a strategic, content-centric social media presence isn’t just best practice—it’s an absolute necessity. Brands are spending billions on campaigns that have produced some of the most creative and influential marketing being consumed today.

So let’s take a look at some who are absolutely nailing this whole social media thing by channel:



Instagram2On Instagram, beauty prevails. It makes sense that the most visual social media platform would favor the most visually appealing content, which is why fashion brands focus much of their content to this tool. According to a recent survey, consumers have become accustomed to doing price comparison and research online before they buy, which leaves the door wide open for budget-friendly brands like Steve Madden to make its mark in trendsetting. And it does, with content that has a blogger-esque look that exudes a lifestyle of effortless trendiness.

InstagramSuja, a small cold-press juicery out in San Diego publishes some of my favorite Instagram content.  While they do promote their product on Instagram, most of their content is simply well-designed information about fresh food and healthy lifestyle.

Instagram HQ recently featured some of their best-in-class examples of brands using the platform to express their brand identity. Make sure you check out how @warbyparker, @charitywater, @missionbicycle, @disneyland, @gopro, and @chobani are using the platform.

Great content can take a brand to the next level on any social media platforms. Do you know which ones are right for your brand? Contact Raidious, and we can help distribute the right content on the right channels to make you look like a rockstar.

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