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Brands Doing It Right On Twitter

Brands Doing It Right On Social Media: Twitter

Today, having a strategic, content-centric social media presence isn’t just best practice—it’s an absolute necessity. Brands are spending billions on campaigns that have produced some of the most creative and influential marketing being consumed today.

This is the second post in a series to explore some of the brands who are absolutely nailing this whole social media thing by channel:


Twitter is my favorite platform for brands to interact directly with the consumer in a positive way. Combined with conversations around food, Twitter double-wins. When it comes to food brands, the lines of creativity, technology and innovative marketing strategy are all being hopped over like a double dutch jump rope.

Pizza Hut has been leading the pack this past year with innovative (and sometimes insane) ideas about changing the face of delivery pizza. Most recently they announced they were bringing a hot dog-stuffed crust pizza, complete with French’s mustard dipping sauce to the U.S. As is customary in current culture, shocked and horrified consumers took to social media to exclaim their feelings on the announcement. So Pizza Hut responded, by re-posting their tweets, hand-drawn in mustard, resulting in engaging and real-time content.

DennysTweetSome brands know their audience so well, they can blend into audience conversation seamlessly and effortlessly. In this case, I’m talking about how Denny’s hit a Grand Slam when it comes to brand voice on social media. “America’s diner” is tapping into the ever-coveted Millennial market by adopting a brand voice reminiscent of a super chill teenager. This humorous and welcoming voice has helped to increase fan growth by 150 percent over the past two years. And that, as the kids would say, is on fleek.

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