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Let’s assume (quite correctly) that content freshness is one factor in search relevance. One of the primary means to ensure content is constantly updated is with a blog.

Okay, now you’ve got your corporate blog. How can it actually make you money?

As the old saying goes, you don’t make money writing checks. Your corporate blog should demonstrate ROI (the bottom line) and increase brand awareness (marketing goal). But how do you get there?

The key here is patience: is your goal spiking short-term traffic or establishing longer-term customer relationships?

If your goal is the latter, the SEO specialist promising to get you to the front page of Google overnight is selling you a bill of goods. Rome wasn’t built in a day, remember?

You are a professional marketer. You know how to market your services, but it’s your product line specialists who can really help your products shine. They can translate their expertise about your company’s products and what they can deliver into an online body of knowledge that will establish you as a respected, trusted authority.

This authority is achieved by writing thoughtful, insightful pieces at least once or twice each week, purposefully building up the amount of quality information about your products in the digital space.

Your job as the marketing expert is to take this information produced by your product specialists and align it with your marketing goals and initiatives. What’s the use of having all this information on your website if it’s inconsistent with what you’re currently trying to say?

Once product specialists have submitted their blog posts, take a crack at editing them. Utilize a list of Google AdWords suggested for that product or service and make sure those key words and phrases appear often in the posts. Use the same language and tone as what’s being used in your current press releases and media buys.

You and your customers know there are many, many sites out there claiming to be experts on any given product or service.

Those that are successful actually provide information and help to current and prospective customers, not just a list of available products.

As your store of information fills out, people will find you and link to you because while you’re definitely trying to sell them something, you are above all else helping them learn. Your blog posts will receive organic incoming links from other posts and Twitter tweets.

And all of these factors will help ensure you are the source of truth in your field. That’s what builds business.

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