Connecting with Cartoons

In Creative by Reanna Miller

Whether you love or hate your job, there’s no denying the relief that comes with welcoming the weekend. Saturday means sleeping in for most adults, but the age-old tradition of waking up early to watch cartoons with your friends still holds strong for many children. Not everyone keeps that ritual alive as they grow older, but our love of animation speaks to a desire for human connection in a broader sense.

Animation has grown from purely a source of entertainment to a proven means of communication. If you’ve cried during a Pixar movie, you know that animation can be relatable when it taps into a deep and meaningful human experience. Without a solid story, animation is just pretty moving pictures.

Whether it’s through traditional animation, motion graphics or CGI, an animation must connect with the audience based on our primal needs. If we examine our primal needs in modern society, we find we focus on the need for understanding, identity and affection. One company which does an exemplary job of connecting with an audience based on emotion is Story Corps.

Story Corps’ records all kinds of stories from people from all walks of life. Every story strikes a chord in the viewer’s heart, for each one has a relatable, basic need. Take the short, “The Human Voice.” Oral historian Studs Terkel discusses the need to feel a connection through speech. On a busy train, most passengers ride quietly and solemnly, except for a baby. Regardless of the baby’s inability to communicate with a particular vernacular, he/she still communicates with Terkel through laughter. The animation is short and sweet, yet still connects to our primal need for communication and connection.


In a different animation style, take David Droga’s passionate belief, “Making Advertising Human.” With more basic yet compelling visuals, the studio Dress Code take’s Droga’s speech and turns into a fantastic visualization. This collaboration brings to light the need to constantly grow and evolve through advertising, yet all the while keeping their content human through an open narrative with the consumer.


Both of these animations discuss different ways of connecting through different styles of animation, but both hit something deeper than just visuals. Each tells a different story about our basic need to connect through communication or advertising. Both shorts utilize stellar animation to aid the story, and without animation the story would still stand. It’s not to say animation cannot stand alone, but without a human connection through story, there is not much substance.

Perhaps we enjoyed our favorite childhood cartoons because we connected with the character and story, but as we grew up, the animation we loved found a marriage with storytelling necessary as a means to communicate. With this in mind, animation and story has become one of the leading ways we as humans communicate.

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