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Consider Your (Stylish) Audience: Wearable Tech

Google Glass, fitness trackers, smart watches: All these innovations in wearable tech are indisputably fabulous, and yet, most are not exactly … chic.

I mean, when’s the last time you saw throngs of fashion-forward women lining up around the block, clamoring for the latest “It” wearable tech accessory, like they would at a designer sample sale?

Thanks to a few brands like FitBit and Cuff, however, change may be on the horizon. These wearable tech brands are stepping up their style game in a big way and may reap big rewards as a result: According to market research from NPD Group, women make up 58 percent of prospective wearable tech buyers.

Take fitness tracker brand FitBit, which has aligned itself with designer Tory Burch, who is set to develop a luxe collection of wristbands and necklaces for the company. While only time will tell how the products will look and perform, partnering with such an iconic name in fashion seems to be a brilliant and ahead-of-the-pack move for FitBit. It’s no doubt helpful, as well, that the preliminary product sketches look quite promising. (Pardon me while I swoon over that wristband.)

Wearable tech startup Cuff is blazing trails, too, with its inventive personal security devices embedded in fashion-forward bracelets, pendants and keychains. With its variety of designs, Cuff offers striking tech accessories that can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of ladies’ daytime and evening styles.


A few of the looks from Cuff, via the brand’s Facebook page

In addition to these notable trendsetters, several brands out there are doing great things when it comes to tech- and fashion-friendly handbags, headphones and (virtually wearable) smartphone accessories.

What’s important to note here is that the thing setting FitBit, Cuff and the others apart is simple: They’re listening where others are zoning out, responding to a huge audience that, until very recently, had yet to be acknowledged. In doing so, they’re getting an incredible jump start on introducing their brands to a whole new world of potential advocates – a priceless opportunity.

Though FitBit and Cuff are ahead of the pack, there’s still plenty of room for other wearable tech brands leaning heavily on a one-style-fits-all approach to catch up – and I’d be remiss if I weren’t to mention that while they’re at it, they should take their real-time content marketing approach into account, as well.

While the content possibilities tied to wearable tech are still rather limited at the moment, think of the opportunity that exists to further cultivate relationships with potential brand advocates. From gathering (and using!) invaluable audience data, to leveraging new and unique distribution methods, to serving up geo-targeted and other specialized offers (like the Pebble offer from RunKeeper, pictured below), the future of audience-building content for wearable tech brands looks remarkably bright.

Pebble offer from RunKeeper

But first, wearable tech brands have got to listen.

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