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Content First Aid: How to Crop an Image in Preview

Have you ever tried to upload an image but got rejected because the image didn’t have the proper dimensions? Probably because it’s happened to most of us. Have you then wondered, “how in the ham sandwich am I going change the dimensions of this image?”

This is where we come in (if you’re a Mac user).


STEP ONE: Open your image in preview.

This can be accomplished with a double click, if it’s your default image viewer. Or you can right click on the image to Open With > Preview.

STEP TWO: Change the resolution and dimension size.

  • Go to Tools > Adjust Size.
  • Make sure ‘Scale proportionately’ and ‘Resample image’ are checked.
  • Change the resolution to 72 pixels/inch, if it’s not already.
  • Change the largest dimension.
    • For example: if you need the image to be 832 wide by 332 tall, change the width dimension to 832 pixels.
  • Click ‘OK.’


STEP THREE: Crop it!

  • Select ‘Rectangular Selection’ tool from the top toolbar.
  • Drag the cursor from the very top-left corner to the bottom-right corner.
  • Release the cursor at the desired height (in this case at 332 pixels).
  • Then drag the selection box to the desire view.
  • Click ‘Crop.’


STEP FOUR: Save the image and upload to desired location!


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