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A recent article in Business Insider, 90% of Customers Will Recommend Brands After Social Media Interactions, shockingly reveals that interacting with potential customers on social media networks will more than likely lead to those potential customers advocating for your brand down the line. Whuuuuuuuut?! No, it is obvious, but it can be much easier said than done.

The article discusses survey results that revealed that four out of five consumers would be more inclined to buy a brand after being exposed to their social media, with 83 percent happy to trial the product in such circumstances. “Exposing yourself” to customers is fairly vague, and there are many ways to do that, but Ian Ralph, the Director at Marketing Sciences who conducted the research, sums up a take on the matter that Raidious fully backs. Ralph explained: “Our research shows that to create an emotional connection, brands really need to provide clear, timely and, most important of all, relevant content that develop a conversation.”

Conversations that provide value are the conversations we all want to have, in real life and on our social media networks.  Your business must be thinking about how you are going to communicate just as much as how you are going to find the customers to communicate to.

Both tasks might seem daunting, and chasing down conversations and interactions on social networks with the hopes that by engaging, it might lead to some brand advocacy or even a sale, is a lot of work for your brand. Still, as this article points out, it works, and it IS possible.  Raidious does this all the time for brands. We can help you develop a content strategy that creates conversation, and we’ll help you find and build your audience to start having those conversations with.

Real-life example and excuse to show off my babe of a wife: This one is pretty omni-channel from a marketing standpoint, but it does illustrate the point. I work in music as well as the digital world. In the music world, I have multiple partnerships with alcohol vendors, one of them being Pabst Blue Ribbon.  PBR is great about distributing their “swag” offline, and in this case, it triggered an online reaction.  I received some T-shirts and hats the other day, and gave one to my wife. That morning, the local rep who runs social media for the Indianapolis market followed my wife on Instagram. When I gave her the hat, it triggered her to post this to her audience, advocating for the brand. I further prompted various PBR reps I know, just to let them know they were being talked about. They engaged and kept the conversation going, leading my wife to feel closer to their brand.


@mickijlile: Social marketing miracle. Today @pbrindy starts following me on Instagram. A few wee hours later my husband @dodgemokb gives me a new PBR hat. Wha??? @mickijlile: #selfie #pbr #hats
@theejewfro: Really cute pic
@stevemarkoff: That is a terrific hat! Me wants.
@rachelrubes @stevemarkoff: PBR will be giving some of those hats away this Sunday night at Flatwater!
@mickijlile: You’re practically going to be my neighb. I’ll figure out how to get you one!
@dodgemokb: @pbrindy @pabstblueribbon @pabst_milwaukee
@dodgemokb: @pbrnit @pbr_usa @pbr_georgia
@pbr_georgia: Thats a good look…
@mickijlile: Thanks! @pbr_georgia!
@pabst_milwaukee: She has had that for years!
@pbrindy: Looks way better on you than @dodgemokb 😉

Curious how Raidious can help your brand interact with current and potential consumers in the social space? Start a conversation with us today.