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Create, Distribute, Convert: Your New Marketing Mantra in 2016.

We’ve moved on from “Content is King.” Very 2013.

We’re just recovering from “Content is King, Distribution is Queen and she’s the important one.” So 2014.

In 2016 we’re all going to finally understand that this isn’t a linear system. You need to make great authentic content. You need to distribute it effectively to the right audience at the right time. You also need to make sure that your content is actually accomplishing the purported aim. Hell, 2016, you just got awesome.

Paid content distribution of great branded content has been one of the most overwhelming success stories of the past eighteen months. As certain unnamed blue social networks that starts with F and ends with acebook keep throttling back organic content reach, we’ve scrambled to figure out how to make sure great content keeps reaching our audience. One of the crucial components that has been lost in this shuffle has been the question of what happens when your audience takes the action you’re setting them up for?

Without optimizing conversion points for your incoming audience, you’ve fumbled the ball at the goal line. Taking audience members to a page where you can neither successfully direct them, nor measure the actions you want them to take, leaves you at a point where you’re not getting to see the payoff—even though you’re expending time and effort into creating and publishing content. Aside from simply losing out on some crucial data about your audience, you won’t be able to prove any success for your campaigns outside of the dreaded “we had a lot of website sessions.”

If you’re already creating great content and sharing it effectively with your audience, don’t miss the last crucial step in measuring the success of your content. Optimize your conversion points, whatever they may be, and be awesome in 2016.

For more insights on conversion, content distribution and content strategy in 2016, access The State of Distribution in 2016.

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