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No More “About Us” Videos: A Better Way To Talk About Your Company

“About Us” videos are fine. Well, mostly fine. It’s just that they tend to focus on all the wrong things. By that I mean they focus on what you’re trying to sell. It sounds good, but many consumers don’t want to be sold to and instead want to be engaged. An About Us or a company history video typically don’t do that even if your CEO loves it. This is why I’m advocating for Culture Videos – videos that talk about who you are and not just what you do – as the better way to showcase your brand.

It may seem like a small distinction. After all, isn’t culture part of what makes us “Us?” Yeah, but too many companies fall into the trap of talking about what they do and now how they do it which comes across as marketing speak at best and boring at worst. Watch just about any About Us video you can find online, you’ll see what I mean.

Nine out of ten About Us videos are too focused on the past without finishing the thought about what that means for the future.

Instead, culture is about the whole organism that is your company. You answer the questions of who, what and why from a higher viewpoint – one that is looking forward, that has goals and aspirations and a plan to get there. A video on your culture can talk about product, but it does so in a way that shows people care about what they do … because otherwise why would they care about doing a good job?

There is also the added benefit of hitting multiple audiences with the same video:

  • Current employees love sharing these videos and want to share with their network, friends and family.
  • Prospective employees want to get to know what it is like working at your company and a culture video shows what that is like.
  • Customers get an idea of both the people involved in the products they’re buying, but also see that they’re buying from real people with personalities and not just some vague impression of a company that makes stuff.
  • Potential investors can see the kind of work environment and creativity that valuable companies embrace.

For example, take a look at this video Inside Hubspot to see what an interesting culture video looks like, feels like and shows.

In short, when it comes to telling people about your company, it’s best to use the truly unique aspect of your culture, values and answer the question of “Why should I give a damn about you?”

At the end of the day, that’s what really matters.

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