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Defeating the Afternoon Slump

College professors give plenty of lectures to prepare us for the “real world.” We generally know what to expect when we transition to a 9-5 work day. However, no one told us about the 3 o’clock slump. Actually, come to think of it, 5-Hour Energy commercials warned us. But who listens to a commercial that sells an energy product, anyway? So here I am to share what I’ve learned from my extensive research about how to get over that slump.

Eat Healthful Foods & Eat More Frequently.
Keeping steady blood sugar levels is very important to avoid feeling tired. Avoid super sugary foods, like candy bars and cookies, which will cause your blood sugar to rise and then crash. The crash will make you feel drowsy. Choose whole grains, fruit and protein to keep those levels maintained. Here’s an infographic to help you with your choices.

Mediate Coffee Intake & Stay Hydrated.
There are studies that say coffee is good for you. However, too much caffeine is not. If you drink too much coffee and not enough water, you risk dehydrating yourself. Dehydration will make you feel tired. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself from feeling sluggish. Also keep in mind, drinking too much caffeine spikes your energy and then will likely cause it to crash.

Take a Real Break.
Step away from the computer — and not just to go to the bathroom. Go outside, take a walk, do push ups. Anything non-work related will recharge your mind and body.

Stimulate Your Brain.
Invest in peppermint candies or gum. Peppermint can improve concentration and alertness, which is great for the mid-afternoon mental decline. Put in your earbuds to help you focus on your task. Try listening to classical music or instrumental music — otherwise, you might get distracted by the lyrics. Besides, classical music is good for your mind and body, anyway.

Schedule Your Day Around the Slumps.
Take extra precaution to plan meetings during your productive hours. Save your non-thinking tasks for the afternoon, when your mind is not functioning at full capacity. If you need to schedule an afternoon meeting, do it with people who will lift your spirits and recharge your energy.

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